Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mamma Mia!!!

At Dominican College, if you belong to the graduating high school batch, you have to present a year-end play per section. The Play that we're going to present is Mamma Mia. I'm going to be Harry, one of Sophie's dad. He's the gay and British one. I'm nervous and at the same time so excited. It's gonna be hard for us to present on the day we have to present because it's an exam day, the last day of our high school examination. 

I know it's weird to say this but I'm going to miss our periodical tests. You know why? Well, because I know that in college, their exam is maybe 3x or many times harder than our periodical tests. So we must get ready, Seniors.

Anyway, back to Mamma Mia... You know it's REALLY hard to act as a guy. I have to look and act like a guy. A British adult guy. Quite hard, ey? Oh and by the way.... I have to sing live for the play and have you seen my description page? It is stated there that... I DON'T SING. :)) HAHA. Yolo. lol. Anyway, I learned how to love my part. I'm just happy I got a big part for the play :) It's my last year so I want it to be special :)

-BAP :)

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