Friday, February 22, 2013

HIMYM (The Ashtray review? idk)

Hey Guys. :) Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? I really love that series.

I'm not sure if what I watched  a while ago was the latest episode but anyway. I felt emotional when I watched that episode. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm afraid that I might not be what I want me to be. Just like in that episode, Lily felt sad and stole Captain's ash tray because Captain was right about what he said about her being just a Kindergarten teacher. She felt sad because she didn't get to pursue her dream of being an artist. I felt sad and imagined me in her shoes. I might not become a Fashion Designer. I don't know. Anyway, I didn't get to finish the episode. Only up to the part when she accepted the job offered by Captain.


I really hope that when I grow up, I get to be as lucky as her.
I really hope someone would see my potential.

I also felt sad because of Barney's part. When they were at the bar. Barney was sad because he said that the only thing that he's good at is making stories seem crazy and fun. Umm. I sort of forgot the words he said but I hope what I remembered was right.

Sometimes I feel what he feels. I feel useless sometimes. All of my friends are great at so many things and I suck at a lot of things. I always think that most of my drawings are ugly and stuff. umm. And just like Barney's friends, my friends are also like that. That's why I'm happy to have them. They keep me on track. :)

Oh Btw I finally found the title of the episode... "The Ashtray" And it's really the latest episode :>

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