Something about me :)

First things first.
My name is 

I do crazy things.
I'm weird.
I'm unique.
Food was the only boyfriend I have ever had.
I cheat on food with other foods.
I'm lazy.
I'm friendly although I'm not that good with socializing.
I am VERY shy but I try my very best to be confident.
I don't dance.
I don't sing.
I play some instruments but I, now, lack practice.
I (used to?) play the piano, guitar and the drums.
I think 'Imperfection is Perfect'
I love movies.
I love music.
I am a fan of TaySwift
I am also a fan of any music that pleases my ears.
'Sparks Fly' is my Favorite song.
I am corny. I really mean it.
I laugh at corny jokes.
I give out corny jokes.
I laugh at almost everything.
I'm tall.
I have brown eyes.
I'm a bit dark?
I have a really big nose.
I don't think I'm pretty
I'm not perfect.
I love who I am because that's how God has made me.
I love my family, my friends, and of course, God :)
I love art.
I have a passion for designing clothes.
Someday, I'm going to be a designer... 
so, yeah, Watch out world! :)

This is who I am.
I would never change who I am.
(well, except for my negative attitudes)

Oh. And one last thing...
I thank all of you for reading my blog.
It actually means a lot to me.
It's like I feel that I'm not 'forever alone' :> :)

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