Saturday, July 28, 2012

TOP 10!

Hey guysss!! I haven't been posting for a while now. Sorry :( So, you see, I am just an average person. I love fashion but i can't afford the clothes in the shops that i love.

The TOP 10 shops that I LOVE (even though i haven't purchased from most of these shops YET) are..

I am fascinated with their clothessss. Its like Woaaaah. I <3 their style and the heeeeels. haha.
Brandy Melvilleusa!
Their clothes are very feminine and cute ;)

2020 AVE
Nasty Gal

Their clothes are so RAAAAD!! \m/

Forever 21!
<3 Bought my accessories here :">

Material Addict.
Style is veryyy addicting O_O

I want to buy heree so baaaadlyy but it's very expensive :((

Black Milk Clothing!
OMGGG. The first time i saw this on instagram, i immediately fell inlove with the leggings. I reallyy really love the prints. The only problem is that.... i can't afford them :( Y U SO EXPENSIVE?! :(

Bought my Galaxy Leggings here :">
I super duper love this storeeeee. SUPER. AS IN. Haha.

So there's my TOP 10 :) BTW, i also want to be a model of their clothing line. I never stopped following my dreams :D

ohh. I almost forgot!! There's also one more shop that i absolutely love!! :) It's my own shop!:) We sell Up-cycled Items that you'll really love. It could be your organizer, gadget's case, envelope, etc... It's A&B shop. You can visit us @ :) :) :) Thanksss!:)

Hope you enjoyed! :) Please comment if you totally agree or disagree with me! :) tell me your insights! :) Pleaaaase. :) Have a good day!:D

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