Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peñafrancia Retreat 2012-2013 <3

Heyy guys! What's up? We had a retreat yesterday until this afternoon. It was an overnight retreat. It was FUN but the time was too short. Supposedly it should be 2 nights and 3 days but what we paid in the tuition fee wasnt enough according to the teachers/treasurer's office. Anywayss. I think the retreat helped me to realize my negative attitudes and the money my parents worked hard for and used since my birth for me to survive. No crying happened. Seriouslyy. In the past years i had my recollection and retreat, i cried. I think this is the only retreat where i did not cry. It's not that i was not sensitive or something like that but it was because of the activities. They showed clips that are touching. It really touched my heart but they've already shown us that before. :( i am still not changed. :( :( i still complain. Sorry God. I really hope i can be transformed into a balanced person. Goodluck to me. You should try that out too. Sorry for i dont have a drawing to show you guys. Xoxo. =))

Btw, the pictures that i'm about to show you are pics before the actual retreat. We were not allowed to use our phones and cameras during our sessions with father. :)

PS. THANK YOU to all those people Who cared enough to give me a retreat letter. I love you guys. Have a good retreat, too. ;)

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