Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photoshoot! :)

Pink earrings and Light blue bracelet from SM Department Store :)
Enamel Necklace from my Cousin-in-law:)
Top from Greenhills.

Top and Galaxy Leggings from Topshop. :">

Ring from Forever 21

Hair and Make up by Merriam

July 21, 2012

Hi Guyss! I joined a contest in Innovision Productions. :) (
The contest is "Teen Supermodel". I joined this contest to gain experience, confidence and exposure. It's one step to following my dream. In the photo shoot, there are 3 set of clothes. By the way, the contestant is the one whose going to provide for the clothes. The first one is the "Teen Supermodel Bubbly Fashionista". I wore a yellow skirt and a white top. The next attire was the "Festive Fashionista". My Festival is the Bila-bila Festival. 

Bila-bila festival is Celebrated in Boac town during the town Fiesta (Dec.8 ). This festival celebrates the life cycle of butterflies, the butterfly farming industry being one of the town's more unique industries. This street dancing festival promotes government efforts to make Marinduque the butterfly center of the Philippines. On the day of the celebration, children from various schools in the town dress up in their best butterfly costumes for a parade that depicts the life cycle of the butterfly. Brass bands, street dancing by costumed delegates, and colorful, decorated floats also accompany the parade, with the image of the Immaculate Conception at the end of the procession.

The Last attire was the Teen Supermodel official t-shirt and maong shorts :)

The Photoshoot was a really FUN Experience. I met new people. The photographer was great. They told me that my photos looked natural :"> I really hope the photos will turn out great. Ohhh. By the way, They'll be showing the photos some time in August. There will be an Online Voting. :) Pleasee do like my pictures. I will post an update when will it start and stop. :) Chaoo. :)

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