Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Thomasian ♥

Hey guys... :)

Tinamad na akong magpost about my summer vacation. huhu. sorry.

Anyway... I'm a freakin' college student already!!! \m/ wooo.
I'm a certified Thomasian oh yeahhh.

I experienced my first baha last Thursday (June 13, 2013). It was quite an experience. hahaha. Omg the ipis. I just.. ugh... I can't. They were sooo many. It's like omg. hahaha. okay so arti. =))

In case you're wondering what course I'm taking up in UST (which I know you're not :( ) Well, I'm taking up BS ENTREPRENEURSHIP :) Though I still envy CFAD students carrying all their art supplies and making their way to their building huhu. Don't freaking show up to me. huhu. HAHAHAHA just kidding. Omg I am SOOO bitter. HAHAHA.

Btw, If you ever want my autograph, my room's at 405 (AB/Commerce Building) ;) HAHAHAHAHA =))) yeah right like I have fans or whatsoever. No, seriously, my autograph's precious ;) hahahha just kidding :))

Oh and I have the best blockmates that I could ever ask for because they're all so nice :) 1TE-3!! Wooo :)

Well, Have a nice day guys :) Don't forget to ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS bring your umbrella (I forgot it yesterday buti nalang I have kind blockmates) and also your slippers :) and everything youu need to survive in case na mastranded kayo :) Like water and food. :) Goodluck fellow Thomasians and Readers ;)

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