Saturday, June 8, 2013

May 17, 2013

Woke up really early today :( huhu. haha. It's worth it, though. Flight to LA!!!!! buttt, before we left our Aunt's home, I left them a little letter that I hope they'll keep forever <3 hihi :) sweet ko ba hahahha loljk

As tribute to my love for take-offs and landings, I made a gif :)

We arrived! woo! Still feeling sleepy :( LA SMELLS SOOOO TERRIBLY BAD NO OFFENSE. But when I first stepped out of the airport I was like... what the. Ewww. I almost vomitted. It turns out, what I was smelling was the fuel of the airplanes. It was TERRIBLE!!! reallyyy :( I am really sorry LA people :(

We went to Burger King and my mom slept there for a few Minutes! hahaha! :) Coz' she was also sleepy, like me.

We arrived early in the morning. I forgot what time. maybe 8am? And my Aunt and grandma will arrive at about 4pm? I think. I forgot already. It's a very long wait. Sooo, we stayed at the hotel room of one of my dad's best friends at Four Points Hotel. We were really lucky to have him here or else we won't be able to rest and sleep for a while. We were really REALLY tired, ya know.

And then... They FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!! YAYYY. MY LOLA! AND MY AUNT DOOBIE! :) I missed them so much!!! Buuut we still have lots of waiting to do. :( In a few hours my Aunt Aisa, my sister, Abi, and my cousin, Anjo, will arrive LA. 

Then they finally arrived! Just like that! :) woo. hahaha :)) Magic, I tell you. :)) haha.

^ <3 this pic :) ^


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