Wednesday, June 5, 2013

May 12, 2013

I know it's super late but who cares, right? :))

Sunday today! It's mother's day! We went to church. And we were asked by one of the church members to offer the wine and bread. I held the bowl full of hosts. It was my first time :)

The church looks sort of like a pyramid.

Since it was Mother's day, all of the mom's were asked to go in front for the blessing. They were also given flowers :)

I stayed here :) ^ 

Yes, The Golden Gate Bridge :)

The Zigzag streets! This street was designed for the kalesas (rides with horses) back at that time so that the horses won't gain too much speed because Sanfo's streets are steep. Very. The up and down streets of Sanfo is very scary. It's as if you could fall any time. Thank God Tito Ernie (Our Uncle who drove us there) knows how to drive in San Francisco.

After all of those sight seeings and shopping and stuff, we went to eat at Buca :) Good food. and Gosh, the proportions are sooooooo BIG. Our leftovers fit 6-8 containers. HAHA

Well, That's the end of May 12, 2013. We went home and slept ;) 
Goodnight -BAP

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