Thursday, May 30, 2013

May 11, 2013

Here we are, at the Airport. May 11, 2013. My heart was filled with excitement. I wanna get on that plane and fly! SanFo, here we come! The ride was pretty long. 12 hours, I think. I sat with my mom on my right, and with a grandma I barely knew on my left. 

There's this crazy thing about me that you should know. I reallllly love Airplanes take off and land. I just love the feeling, I guess. 

Before our arrival, I had time to get to know my seatmate. Her name's Lola Felicia. She was pretty amazing. Still strong for her age. I took care of her (sort of) during the ride because she got a seat not close to her niece. I almost teared up, actually, because I really missed my Grandma and I'll see her again soon. Maybe about less than a week. I'll see her and be with her for 6 days :) 

Woooshhh. Finally arrived!!! Still May 11, 2013 (cool, huh?)

Have you ever been to San Francisco? I you have, then you must know how wonderful the smell is. I missed the smell of USA. That cool breeze with the fantastic cool fragrance. I have been longing for that smell. I have encountered it first in Kansas City when I woke up early in the morning. It's simply amazing. It's one of the simple things that made me long for US. 

It's really cold in SanFo and I liked every bit of it even if my teeth chatter sometimes.

We're outside the airport waiting for our Aunts to pick us up. (Oh, Btw, I made the maxi skirt that I was wearing)

My Aunts arived and we drove to In-and-Out. Food's great. But after finishing my burger, I didn't know if I can still finish my fries. Their serving was really big. REALLY. BIG. Well, Big for me, I guess. 

Then, we went home to their house. :) We chatted a bit. Then, we went off to sleep. 

PS. I just got my haircut before we went to the airport. I was really pissed off with my hair because it was too long so I decided to just get a haircut.


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