Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Diary of a VERY Wimpy Kid

This notebook was a gift from Chayel :)

What I am about to show you is the first Chapter of my Planner which is the "Highschool Chapter"
even though I just started this more or less 3 months ago.

I wanted to be unique in designing my Planner so I made it like this :)

It's pretty hard to keep up with the idea of that kind of planner because every time you write on it, you have to draw boxes on it first :) buuuut I had fun hahaha. :)

Lately, I was missing my friends and I started painting things that will make me remember them :)

My Friends and I hang out at 7/11 sometimes :)
The Pineapple is for Pena :)

The colors; Blue, Red, Yellow and Green represents the journey of a Princess becoming a Queen.

Left: High school Chapter
Right: A blank page for my future college because i don't know what lies ahead of me.

Left: Batch Wars every Sportsfest
Right: Stargazing with my recess and lunch buddies <3

Left: Mamma Mia Play: Our Year-End-Play
Right: Represents 2 things for me;
My Photoshoots with Dang &
Oyen's Nick and all the pictures we took everytime we went to Mcdo :)

And lastly but surely not the least, Queen Seniors :) 
and all those who supported the queens :) (the princesses) :)

I apologize for the huge number of picturessss. F na F ko :) HAHAHA. :)

PEACE OUT :))))) uglyyyyyy duckling ^ =))

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