Monday, February 11, 2013


They say that the Youth is the future of the World. Is this still true? Before, I thought, this was pretty believable. I thought that we, as the youths, can really be the future. But, now, as how I see and witness the truth... I don't know anymore.

Youths, nowadays, are lazy. Guilty as charged. I am one of those lazy kids. Some are not educated. Some are already moms. Some doesn't even know God. At a young age, they already know how to curse. Some kids already work. Most kids are disobedient. Some kids steal. Most kids cheat. Some kids lack love for their neighbor. Is it like this before?

Based on stories that I've heard from many grown-ups and grandparents, I don't think kids at their time are like this. At their time, the passage "youths are the future" suits them. I'm no longer sure if that passage suits us.

If our generation is the future... What would the future be like? More corruption? Poorer families? Population increase? Another generation that's worst than us? If we continue the wrong doings that we do now, we'll carry it as we grow up. What good would we teach the next generations?

All we need is love. That's what I believe. If we learn how to love what we do, we won't be lazy. If we learn how to love ourselves, some kids would not have big tummies now and be parents at a young age. If we learn how to love our neighbor, we can help them with their problems or we could pray for them. If we learn how to love our country, there won't be any corruption. And if we learn how to love God... Well, everything follows. Just have faith and do your part.

If ever I'll see that in me, my friends, classmates, schoolmates, siblings, children on the streets, and my brothers and sisters in the name of God, only by then I know that 'We can really be the future of the world'

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