Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve...

           I was so happy because I became the Photographer last December 24-25. We went to Arlit Farms ( & My family always gather here every Christmas Eve to celebrate. But this time, we have to hurry home because our dad is from work and he's going home at 10 pm 
so we also have to go home at 10 pm. Our celebration went a little earlier. We prayed at about 9 pm. Then gave gifts and opened them. But before this. My cousin has XBOX and we played with the Kinnect? Is that correct? lol. We danced. WOO. HAHA. I'm just going to show you 1 picture of dancinggg. :)) We also have this really cool house inside Arlit Farms that was really meant for Christmas. I call it the Christmas House. It's small but it's perfect. There's like this wall where we painted a church and a bunch of stuffs. The House is full of our paintings, Santas, and statues. It is where you can find our Christmas Tree. Also, It is where you'll find Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the 3 Kings. And we had our Noche Buena earlier. Then we went home. We reached home at about 11 pm. Then we celebrated Christmas as  a Family. We gave our gift to our dad. Then, we went upstairs and just stare a the peaceful sky. :) I had the best Christmas ever. :)

At Arlit Farms Yeah! :)


Inside the Christmas House...

At Home :)

I asked my sister to take pictures of me for Lookbook... :)

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