Monday, December 3, 2012


First outfit post! :)

hey guys. This is meee :) HAHA. Sorry for the face. This isn’t actually an outfit of the day post ;) You might be wondering what was the occasion or the event…. It’s actually a small fashion show for our subject, TLE, in our school. We were required to model an outfit that includes wearing skirts or dresses and heels. I chose to wear this outfit. I didn’t buy anything for this event. Actually, the skirt was really long. Also, The light pink cloth that you can see on the outside was actually the inner cloth of the super long skirt. And the print on the middle was actually the original outer cloth/design. I didn’t like the original skirt that much so I decided to alter it. I just used safety pins because It’s my mom’s old skirt. I loved how it turned out. It became a bubble skirt. :)
My Best friend and I :)
the look of my outfit at the back :)
This is me explaining what I wore :)
If ever you liked my outfit, hype it on my Lookbook ;) 
Thanks <3  :* :)

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