Wednesday, September 12, 2012


College is slowly approaching. I wasnt feeling the nerves before. But nowwww... I'm panicking. :((( haha. Up was, so far, the only school i have took the test in. My ust exam will be on sept. 30. I want to apply for dlsu but the deadline is on the 17th of september so i wont make it. Ughhh.
Goshhh. I hope that the course that i picked will be perfect for me. I hope i did not choose the wrong course :((

Yesterday, we had a career talk. Women With different careers had a talk with us, juniors and seniors, about what their job is. Its sort of like they were selling or advertising their job to us. Hahahaha. I took interest on the speech that was given by an entrepreneur and a production designer. I love arts and money. :)) haha. life. Haha. I think these two women that stood infront of us are riiich. Haha. Actually, entrepreneurship and fine arts were the courses that i put in my application form for ust.then, i put business ad and clothing tech for my application form for up. If you notice, i always pick arts and business related courses. I really hope this is the right path for me to follow. Sooo, back to my story.... The entrepreneur has lotssss of businesses. Not kidding. Like swear. She started engaging in business at a young age because she helps her parents before in managing their business. She's wise and hardworking. Bawal daw ang tamad so i will do my best to change:( hahaha. She said that we should DREAM BIG DREAM BIGGER. She is now in her early 40s but she is still dreaming. She is very positive, optimistic and happy. She is a really effective speaker, by the way. I did not feel the urge to sleep. Haha. The production designer is like woaaaaaah. She works with different brands for commercials. She was awarded for the commercials, too. She is so straightforward and intelligent. Buuut, she said, being in her position right now was so hard to achieve. But i think that is the whole point. You can never achieve your dreams if you dont make sacrifices, pass through a lot of problems, and face many obstacles and challenges. Also, i forgot which speaker who said this but she said that we should choose a course that we will be happy studying everyday. We have to choose a course that we think we can study for four years or more. A course that we will love and be passionate about. A course that will make us happy and successful!:)

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