Saturday, September 1, 2012

TSM Big Night

Hi Guyssss. TSM (Teen Supermodel) Big Night Last Sunday, August 26, 2012....:)
Tiring yet FUN :)  I will miss TSM Family. I think the winner is very deserving:) She's really beautiful and nice :bd I wasn't sad i didn't win or get to be a semifinalist. I was happy because I did it. It was my very first contest. It was very nice to achieve that feeling of accomplishment. I did receive some awards though. like... Most Promising Supermodel and Star horizon Discovery. It was a fun experience. I met a lot of new people. I learned how to mingle with them. I learned how to act around guys. I learned how to be confident... although, I think, I am still not confident. haha. But i am trying my best to posses those characteristics..... hahhaa. So, for now, i am not going to immediately join modeling agencies... i will, first, exercise so that i could achieve thinner thighs. If ever i meet or accomplish (hopefully) this goal, i will continue my dream to become a model. Also, for now, I will focus on my studies and other school activities.

I would like to thank all those people who supported and guided me.

Ofcourse, i thank my parents for they allowed me to follow my dream :') hi mama and papa. Haha. everything wont be a reality without you. I love you so much, mom and dad.

Ate abby and kuya bryan, thank you for everything. Sorry kung nagiging masungit ako. Huhu. Naks, kuya bryan na!!:)) laki mo na kase eh. Thank you sa lahat ng pagtitiis:) thank you sa lahat ng support!! Mwahh!

To all my Relatives.... I love you all so much. I speak of the truth. Everything wont be possible without your support and love and the cash. Hahaha. Thank you thank you thank youuu! As in from the bottom of my heart. Haha. Next time ulit?? Lol. Hahahaha. Joke. :))

To all my frieeends. Haha. Thank you talaga sa lahat!! Haha. Sa support and everything :) i love you guys!!! You know who you, guys, are <3 br="br">
I hope all of you guys were proud of what i have achieved. Thank you again. I hope you appreciated my simple words of gratitude:) I love you all! Take care and always pray ;)


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